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shamanic courses

What to bring to ALL shamanic courses:

  • A drum or rattle – if you do not have a rattle, one will be provided for you in class

  • A blanket or pillow so that you can be comfortable lying on the floor to journey

  • Something to cover your eyes while journeying

  • A journal or notebook as well as a pen so you can write down the things that you experience. **Please note that courses are taught in an oral tradition, come prepared to take notes. 

  • Lunch or snacks to share with others

  • A blessing altar will be set up for the class. You are welcome to bring a few stones or other small objects that you would like to be blessed by the Spirits.  Participation in the blessing altar is not a requirement of the course. 

  • And most importantly, please bring an open heart and inquisitive, eager spirit!

introduction to shamanic journeying

DatesClass recording available for purchase 

Time:  10-6pm CST  /  8-4pm AZ Time

Cost:  $125    

To purchase the recording for Introduction to Shamanic Journeying, please click here:


This is a one day course designed to teach you how to do a Shamanic Journey.  Shamanic  journeying is a very powerful technique for personal growth and healing.  Shamanism is an ancient form of spiritual healing, it is believed to be the oldest form of healing on the planet dating back approximately thirty thousand years. It has been found in many indigenous cultures in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Central and Northern Asia, Eastern and Northern Europe and Africa.  A shamanic practitioner is a healer who moves into altered states of consciousness to access different realities in the spirit world in order to bring back healing, information and power.   The word shaman means “one who sees in the dark,” and widely refers to those who are medicine women/men, healers and seers. Shamans never work alone, they always work in conjunction with the helping spirits who guide them in providing what is needed for healing. 

This introductory course will teach you how to do a Shamanic Journey for yourself and for others. It is the basic foundation course that is a prerequisite for any other more advanced Shamanic studies, such as Ancestral Healing, Shamanic Divination, Power Animal Retrieval, Shamanic  Extraction, Soul Retrieval, etc.  In this workshop you will learn how to journey to different dimensions in non-ordinary reality such as the Lower World and Upper World; this is done by using percussive sound such as drumming and rattling. Within these other dimensions you will meet your helping spirits- this course will focus on meeting with a Power Animal and a Teacher in Spirit. The techniques that you learn in this course, as well as the teachers and guides that you will meet, will support you long after the workshop as you move forward on your spiritual path. The Shamanic Journey is a tool which supports all life goals and all forms of healing. Shamanism is the path of direct revelation – it is a way of directly accessing spiritual information to support your own healing and the healing of others. 

This course would be helpful to you if:

  • You are looking for new self-care tools to stay grounded during stressful times

  • You’re looking to try something different for your own personal healing

  • You are seeking to deepen your own spiritual connection

  • You would like to meet your Spirit Helpers and Allies, or deepen your already existing connection

  • You are a practitioner or psychotherapist looking for new tools to further support your clients on their healing journey

  • You work in a healing profession or social services and are looking for ways to recharge yourself to avoid burnout and feeling depleted

  • You want to be part of a loving, supportive and safe spiritual community seeking to bring more love, light and kindness to their own lives and to the larger world

To purchase the Introduction to Shamanic Journey course, click here:

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Intro to Shamanic Journeying
shamanic divination, middle world journeying & power animal retrievals
Shamanic Divination

Dates:  TBD 

Time:  9:30am - 5:30pm

Cost:  $115 Early Bird Registration  

Repeat Fee: $50


Location:  TBD

Prerequisite:  Participants must know how to do a shamanic journey - this class assumes a working knowledge of Lower and Upper World journeying

This is a one day course designed to teach you about the ancient practices of Shamanic Divination, Middle World Journeying, Power Animal Retrievals and Soul Remembering.  The primary focus of this course will be to learn to facilitate different shamanic healing practices for other people, animals, places and the environment. 

This course will provide in-depth instruction and hands on learning experience on the following topics: 

  • How to utilize the practice of shamanic journeying to divine information for others (diagnose the core issue of any ailment, illness, or life circumstance; receive information or guidance regarding a specific question; receive insight on possible future outcomes of any situation; receive guidance on a helping medicine, plant or ritual to facilitate healing for others; etc.)

  • How to mindfully and safely navigate middle world journeying. 

  • How to utilize the practice of middle world journeying to facilitate long distance shamanic healing, to recover lost or stolen objects, to journey back in time to recover lost ancient healing practices or speak with our ancestors, to journey to the future to receive guidance from our descendants, and to journey to any of the nature elements or planets and stars to receive guidance and healing.

  • How to effectively perform the ancient and very powerful practice of power animal retrieval for a person, animal, office, building, neighborhood, etc.

  • How to perform the incredible practice of Soul Remembering for clients and loved ones.

  • How to utilize a community ritual to facilitate planetary healing

Shamanic ancestral healing

Date: TBD 

Time:  9:30am - 5pm

Cost:  Early bird registration $125 

Location:  TBD

Prerequisite:  Introductory level journeying skills are required to participate in this course - this class assumes a working knowledge of Lower and Upper World journeying

This is a one day course designed to teach you about the ancient practices of Shamanic Ancestral Healing.  There are many different shamanic techniques and approaches to facilitating ancestral healing, and we will explore several of these different techniques in this course.  The primary focus of this course will be on facilitating healing for our own ancestral lines, and also learning how to perform shamanic ancestral healing work for others.

This course will provide in-depth instruction and hands on learning experience on the following topics:

  • Identifying specific patterns and pathologies (physical, mental, emotional, etc.) that are common in our families and present throughout our lineages. Examples include: anxiety, depression, allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, guilt, shame, addiction, alcoholism, abuse, violence, secrecy, etc.

  • Connecting with a specific Power Animal, Guardian Spirit or Teacher in Spirit that will serve as our Guide for ancestral healing work.

  • Identifying and meeting an Unbroken Ancestor in our family lineage.

  • Journeying within our DNA and matrix of the blood to access information about our ancestral line.

  • Journeying to access the Ancestral Field in order to identify, remove and heal the root cause of a particular ancestral pathology or pattern.

  • In this course we will first perform this healing work for our own ancestral lineage, and then we will pair up with a partner in class to practice facilitating ancestral healing work for others.

Shamanic extraction

Date:  TBD 

Time:  9:30am - 5:30pm

Cost:  Early bird registration $125 

Location:  TBD

Prerequisite:  Introductory level journeying skills are required to participate in this course - this class assumes a working knowledge of Lower and Upper World journeying

This is a one day course designed to teach you about the healing practice of Shamanic Extraction.  Shamanic extraction is the removal of displaced energy, which is also sometimes called an intrusion. An intrusion is energy that does not belong in the body and may cause illness. No energy is truly bad from a shamanic perspective. If energy is misplaced or it isn’t in accord with the environment (the human body, or the body of land…) it often brings illness or weakness.

This course will provide in-depth instruction and hands on learning experience on the following topics:

  • Where misplaced energy comes from, and how people can get intrusions and send intrusions to others

  • Several different techniques on how to perceive, identify and diagnose misplaced energy in a person

  • How to properly prepare yourself to do an extraction and how to clean and clear yourself after a session

  • Several different techniques on how to safely remove (extract) misplaced energy without harming your client or yourself

  • The importance of telling healing stories to our clients about the things that we see so that we don't unintentionally traumatize people or plant harmful seeds in them

  • How to safely remove (extract) misplaced energy from the Earth and a body of land

  • How to safely dispose of and neutralize the misplaced energy

  • Learning how to distinguish between an intrusion and a possession in your work with clients

  • How to properly protect yourself and the space you are working in throughout this process

  • How to perform a shamanic extraction for yourself

  • How to use shamanic extraction to remove cords and curses at their source              

Ancestral Healing
Shamanic Extraction
Shamanic psychopomp

Dates:  TBD

Time:  10:00am - 5:30pm


Location:  TBD

Prerequisite:  Introduction to Shamanic Journeying 

This is a weekend course designed to teach you about the healing practice of Shamanic Psychopomp.  Psychopomp is a Greek term meaning conductor of souls, or guide of souls.  Shamans provide healing to both the living and the dead.  The primary focus of psychopomp work is to learn to provide assistance to those who are in the dying process, and once transitioned, to be a guide to help the soul cross over to the Light.

This course will provide in-depth instruction and hands on learning experience on the following topics:

  • How to provide healing, compassionate support to those who are in the dying process, or who are actively preparing for their transition.

  • The different places that souls can visit or linger after death.

  • Some of the different reasons that souls may become stuck or linger instead of completing their transition, as well as some of the effects that stuck souls may have on the living (including pets) and how to provide assistance with this.

  • How to provide healing to the soul of the deceased and help them to gain closure on their life here on Earth.

  • How to work with your Helping Spirits to help the soul move into the next realm and transition them into the Light.

Shamanic Psychopomp
Shamanic Shadow Work
shamanic shadow work

Date:  TBD 

Time:  9am - 6pm

Cost:  Early bird registration $115


Prerequisites:  None

A exploration of shamanic techniques for identifying, accepting and integrating our own shadow energies in a healthy and empowering way. This course will emphasize a deep exploration of our relationship with our shadow energies. It will also identify techniques for finding the blessings within our shadow energies, and how to utilize the messages of the shadow as a doorway to access our greatest gifts and life purpose.

Working on our shadows is critical at this time in our collective. It is raw, real, vulnerable, and it is deeply transformative and life changing. It is about cultivating unconditional self love for ALL of the parts of you that make you YOU. I invite you to challenge yourself to look at those parts of you that you resist and don't like, those parts of you that make you feel unlovable, and to open yourself up to finding the incredible gifts that are within them. Self love is a journey with many layers, and learning to love these "darker" sides of ourselves is a necessary part of the work. This work will be held in an environment of love, safety, intention and gratitude. You may contact me by email or phone with any questions about the course. 

shamanic soul retrieval training





Pre-requisite: Experience and confidence in shamanic journeying skills, as well as good contact with power animals and teachers in non-ordinary reality, is a requirement for this training. All interested participants will complete a questionnaire to determine if this training is an appropriate fit. Registration may be submitted upon approval of the questionnaire. 

Course Description

This five-day residential workshop is designed exclusively for those who wish to bring shamanic healing techniques into their practice with others. Participants will be trained to work with the issue of soul loss, explore the experience of partial soul loss resulting from personal trauma and illness, and will learn how to track a person’s soul and return lost essence to that individual.

Particular emphasis will be placed on integrating this potent healing process in a modern day culture. Training will be given on developing communication skills that help the practitioner tell healing stories to their clients based on the spiritual information received in their journeys.

The course also focuses on the important aspect of life after soul retrieval… how to create a healthier life after healing has taken place. Individuals attending the training will perform and receive a soul retrieval during the course of the week, and are given extensive instruction on how to work with clients after a soul retrieval through the use of shamanic journeying, ritual, and ceremony. This work results in creating long term healing.

About Soul Retrieval

Everyone experiences what shamans would call 'soul loss.'  Soul loss happens in a person's life typically as a result of some traumatic incident (an accident, any type of abuse or assault, the loss of a loved one, illness, being in a natural disaster, surgery, addiction, experiences of embarrassment or ridicule, etc.).  Any event that causes a person shock can cause soul loss.  During these traumatic incidents a piece of our soul may leave in order to protect us from the immense pain that we would experience if we were fully present in our bodies at that time.

Soul loss in the moment of trauma is not a bad thing, however, if soul parts do not return on their own after the traumatic moment has passed this is when they can begin to cause problems (or symptoms) for people.  Symptoms of soul loss can include some of the following:  not feeling fully alive or fully in your body, feelings of emptiness, chronic depression or anxiety, fear, PTSD, immune system problems or chronic illness, chronic misfortune, addictions, grief that does not resolve, lacking memory of some parts of your life, low self-esteem, lack of self-worth and self-love, low self-confidence; etc.


In a soul retrieval session, it is the role of the shamanic practitioner to retrieve the soul essence and return it to the person.  The practitioner will also teach the client how to integrate these new essences into their lives in a loving, powerful and meaningful way.  The effects of a soul retrieval session are incredibly profound and life changing.  In some cases they can even result in instantaneous and miraculous healing.  In all cases, a shamanic soul retrieval session can result in a greatly improved quality of life, with an increased sense of authenticity, power and presence in the world.  This work can also be done for companion animals and the Earth with the same powerful healing results.

Please contact Nicole directly with any questions regarding the training: or 773-366-2001

Soul Retrieval
alchemy as spiritual protection

DatesClass recording available for purchase 

Pre-requisite: None

Cost:  $120 (all 4 weeks)

To purchase the full course series, click here:


Course Description:

A virtual series exploring unique techniques for spiritual protection that cultivate protection from the inside out. Each week will introduce new practices and teachings on how to embody protection as a state of being, and how to transform unhealthy, toxic energies present both in our surrounding environment and that are coming from within. Traditional shamanic and spiritual practices for protection will also be shared. 

This course will provide helpful tools for:

  • Protecting yourself from collective energies of fear, anxiety and scarcity.

  • Being a healthy empath and managing the intensity of thoughts and emotions.

  • Learning to protect yourself from psychic attack, and from the harmful thoughts and intentions of others.

  • Learning to protect yourself from yourself.

  • Reclaiming your power and learning to transform unhealthy energies instead of avoiding them or being in fear of them.

WEEK ONE (05/04/20)  Spiritual Connection as Protection

WEEK TWO (05/11/20)  Focus and Presence as Protection

WEEK THREE (05/18/20)  Spiritual Hygiene as Protection

WEEK FOUR (05/25/20)  Sovereignty and Boundaries as Protection

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rituals for transformation

DatesClass recording available for purchase 

Pre-requisite: None. No prior experience in shamanic healing or journeying is required. All rituals will be conducted in physical space, not in journey space.

Cost: $111 (all 4 classes)   

To purchase the full class series, click here:


**PLEASE NOTE: The rituals we are conducting for this series will require some preparation in gathering ritual materials beforehand. If you are planning to attend the session live, please allow a minimum of 2-3 days to ensure you have enough time to gather the necessary materials. You're welcome to reach out via email ( if you have any questions.

Course Description:

A virtual, experiential series exploring unique, deep, and powerful healing rituals to assist us in our personal goals of transformation.  Each week will introduce one new ritual practice centered around a different healing topic. This is not a course to gain an intellectual understanding of different ritual practices. Rather, it is an immersion experience in which we will dive deep into our healing and vulnerability, and will practice a different ritual together from beginning to end each week.    

WEEK ONE (11/04/20)  Creating Boundaries, Reclaiming Power

A powerful ritual to establish healthy boundaries, identify authentic capacity and desire, reclaim personal power, and develop an awareness of the people or situations in our lives that are draining our energy. 

WEEK TWO (11/11/20)  Healing Body Image, Releasing Cellular Traumas

An empowering, transformative ritual to bring healing to the relationship that we have with our sacred bodies. Whether you are healing from unhealthy body image or repairing issues of trust with chronic pain or illness, this ritual provides an opportunity to release shame, disappointment, disapproval or mistrust in the body. It provides an opportunity to forgive ourselves, to love our bodies just as they as, and to begin looking at some of the things we are carrying within the body. The body is mostly water, and it can carry the memories and emotions of many of our experiences. This ritual will also provide a practice of identifying and releasing traumas that are stored in the body to lighten the energetic load of what the body is carrying. 

WEEK THREE (11/18/20)  Releasing Grief, Receiving Love

A deep healing ritual to identify, access and release the primal energy of grief from the body. Connect with the authentic voice and sound of your grief, and experience the vast, expansive, and loving state that comes from allowing this deep release in the body. This ritual will introduce a practice of unraveling our grief, transforming it, and transferring it out of the body.

shamanic healing apprenticeship

WEEK ONE:  01/13 - 01/14/24   10am-5pm

Introduction to Journeying & Shamanic Healing Practices

Prerequisite: None


WEEK TWO:  01/20 - 01/21/24   10am-5pm

Shamanic Divination & Ancestral Healing Techniques

Prerequisite: Intro to Shamanic Journeying training (from any teacher)

WEEK THREE:  02/03 - 02/04/24   10am-5pm

Shamanic Extraction & Cleansing Practices

Prerequisite: Intro to Shamanic Journeying training (from any teacher)

WEEK FOUR:  02/10 - 02/11/24   10am-5pm

Spiritual Protection, Removing Entities & Attachments

Prerequisite: Intro to Shamanic Journeying training (from any teacher)

WEEK FIVE:  02/24 - 02/25/24   10am-5pm

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Prerequisite: ALL

WEEK SIX:  03/02 - 03/03/24   10am-5pm

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Prerequisite: ALL

LOCATION: Phoenix, AZ  (address provided upon registration)

Please Note: This is an in-person training only that will be offered in Phoenix, AZ. This course will not be recorded and will not be available as an online course. 



Full Apprenticeship Program:  $2200 (payment plans available). Deposit of $500 is required to register. The deposit is fully refundable until 01/01/24.  

Individual weekends:  $400


REGISTRATION: To register, discuss payment plans, or for any questions, please contact Nicole directly via email at

The shamanic healing apprenticeship is an intensive training for those seeking to become a healing practitioner, or to deepen their existing skills, spiritual gifts and Divine connection. In-depth, hands-on training will be provided on a diverse range of shamanic healing practices and techniques that can be utilized to facilitate healing for yourself, others and the planet. The apprenticeship program is for those who are committed to their spiritual path. It is for those who are willing to dedicate the necessary time to study, practice, and integrate in order to become a more conscious and responsible healing practitioner. Requirements for this apprenticeship will include required readings, as well as regular take home assignments, partner and distance healing work. For questions or to register, please contact Nicole directly via email at

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Shamanic Healing Appenticeship
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