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Crystal Healing training

comprehensive crystal healing techniques

DATE:  Sun, 1/21/18

TIME:  10am - 3pm

LOCATION:  Chicago Women's Health Center   1025 W. Sunnyside Ave #201 Chicago, IL 60640

COST:  $85 Early bird registration discount through 1/14/18 - $95 after 1/14 (includes a free crystal gift!)

REPEAT FEE:  $40  (if you would like to re-take this course it is available for a discounted rate)




Crystals and stones are our oldest living relatives on the Earth.  They are here to be of service to the Earth and to human beings, and they have a great deal to teach us and share with us.  Crystals are designed to be conductors of energy, just as we are, and they also store the memories and stories of all living things.  In many ways crystals may be considered the record keepers of all that happens on the Earth.  They contain much wisdom and many stories to share with us if we can learn how to listen to them and communicate with them.


Crystals also contain a great deal of medicine.  Each stone contains special, unique healing properties that may help us in our quest to achieve harmony and balance in our lives.  They may also help us to evolve spiritually on our path.  The medicine of crystals and stones may be used for our own personal healing journey and in our healing work with others.  Crystals can also be used to enhance and further energize our efforts in the creation and manifestation of our hearts desires.  When utilizing crystals and stones for a particular purpose, it is important to know how to prepare them, program them, and establish a working relationship with them – all of these efforts greatly enhance the outcome of the work that we are trying to achieve.


This course will teach you some of the basic healing properties of some of the most commonly used stones for healing and manifestation.  In addition, you will learn:

  • How to select the appropriate crystal(s) for your work   

  • How to differentiate between the different formations of crystals along with their main uses

  • Techniques for cleansing crystals

  • Techniques for programming crystals

  • Techniques to awaken the Spirit of a crystal

  • How to make different types of crystal grids

  • Various ways to make a gem elixir

  • How to utilize crystals for your own healing and in your healing work with others


*** PLEASE NOTE: Due to the limited size of this classroom, PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for this course. The classroom space is accessible for those in a wheelchair or using a walker. For any questions about the course please contact Nicole Perez at or 773-366-2001.


To register for this course, please click here: 

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