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egg cleanse

egg cleanse session

An egg cleanse, also known as a "limpia," is an ancient form of healing utilized by indigenous cultures from around the world. Many traditions believe that eggs are energetically polarized and are an effective conduit to draw negatively charged energy out and away from the body and energy field. By utilizing the egg's natural healing properties, an egg cleanse can help to rid or cleanse a person of intrusive, unwanted energies that may be causing interference or other negative effects in their life. There are many situations that can contribute to the accumulation of negative, harmful or toxic energies. When a person has experienced abuse, traumas or prolonged suffering or stress in their lives, the energies of those experiences can get stuck in the body and outer layers of the energy field causing a number of different symptoms and effects.  

An egg cleanse may be helpful in facilitating healing for the following:

  • Excessive stress

  • Negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, or feeling stuck in unhealthy emotional cycles

  • PTSD, abuse, or traumas of any kind

  • Feeling blocked, stuck or stagnant

  • Addiction

  • Feeling drained, fatigued or a sense of heaviness in your energy

  • Nightmares

  • Insomnia

  • Physical illness 

  • Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances

  • Removing personal or ancestral curses, hexes, or spells

  • Psychic or spiritual attack

  • Removing entities and spirit attachments

  • General cleansing of negative energies or energies we may have absorbed from others

  • And much more!

A limpia session is a 90 minute appointment that includes an egg cleanse healing, interpretation/reading of the egg, and a take home herbal bath kit. The herbal bath is a very important aspect of the cleansing process. Each herbal bath kit has been personally prepared and blessed by Nicole, with herbs that have been hand selected for their powerful healing properties. 

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