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reiki phowa training

reiki phowa practitioner training

Reiki Phowa is specialized Reiki training used to assist loved ones during the time of death, to prepare for their transition, and can also be used for those whom have passed away several years ago. This Reiki Phowa Practitioner training is open to all Reiki practitioners (must have completed Reiki levels I & II.  The Reiki Phowa Master Teacher training is open to anyone who has completed Reiki Master Teacher training.

The Reiki Phowa Practitioner Training is a beautifully designed certification class to train students to assist their clients and loved ones during the time of transition, to help them experience divine love and divine light during the death process. The practice of Reiki Phowa combines the healing power of Reiki along with Native American and Tibetan philosophies and principles. It provides a specialized application of Reiki to assist with the transference of consciousness at the time of death for the highest good of all concerned. It is truly a beautiful, loving and compassionate practice to offer to clients and loved ones.

reiki phowa master teacher training

The Reiki Phowa Master Teacher training provides instruction on how to teach the practice of Reiki Phowa to others.  In this portion of the course you will learn how to perform a Reiki Phowa attunement and how to initiate others into the practice of Reiki Phowa.

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