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sacred ceremonies

sacred healing mushroom ceremonies

                             Private, Couples & Group Ceremonies                                         


There is a growing amount of research being conducted on the healing benefits of medicinal mushrooms in treating a number of conditions and imbalances. Medicinal mushrooms can be effective in providing healing for depression, anxiety, PTSD, mental illness, addiction, quitting smoking, chronic headaches, migraine conditions, trauma, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders, insomnia, fear, emotional blockages, psychological and emotional distress, and much more. Work with healing mushrooms can increase our sense of openness and connection, help us to expand our consciousness, and increase our creativity and imagination. They can also help us to dissolve the barriers of our ego, deepen our spiritual connection, and to gain insight on how to transform and heal the deepest patterns in our lives.


Some studies have found that medicinal mushrooms can have the ability to regenerate our cells, create new neuro pathways in the brain, and stimulate the growth of new brain cells. In this way they can help the brain to overcome fear and promote the growth of neurons leading to the regeneration of brain cells. We have only just begun to truly understand the vast array of healing benefits that medicinal mushrooms have to offer, and their role in healing and curing numerous health conditions.  


A private ceremony can be completely customized to meet your own personal needs and healing intentions. A range of introductory to more advanced ceremonies are available, depending on your level of experience and your intentions. Private ceremonies are very suitable for beginners and also for people who want to work very deeply on their personal healing and creative visions for their life. They offer an excellent opportunity to be guided with extra attention, care and personal coaching throughout your healing journey. Private ceremonies are supported by a combination of live music and chanting, as well as a selected playlist of sacred, healing songs. 

Your private healing ceremony will include the following: 

  • A customized ceremony of 5-6 hours with personalized attention from a healing guide

  • A 20-minute follow-up integration call

  • Medicine

  • Personal coaching and support before, during and after the ceremony

  • Support during the ceremony may include guided visualizations and healing work as needed

  • A nurturing, safe, comfortable, and sacred space will be created for your healing experience 

  • Delicious foods after the ceremony 

  • Support with preparation and integration 

Options for healing mushroom ceremonies:

  • Private: $495

  • Couples: $795

  • Group: $275 (per person) **Group sessions are not available at this time. 

For more information or to schedule an intake to participate in a private or couples ceremony, please contact Nicole directly at:

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