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"When I was six months old, I looked up, pointed to the light in the center of the room, and said my very first words: 'La Luz! La Luz!' ('The Light! The Light!').  In that precious moment I remembered my true destiny - to come home to my own Divine Light within, and to share that great and beautiful Light with others."

Sometimes the greatest challenges in our lives lead us to our greatest gifts.  And sometimes what appears to us as bitter trials, are actually a blessing in disguise.  There are times on our path when we can come to see suffering a great teacher, and it is in this moment of Divine surrender that we birth the seeds of our own transformation.  We would not know the light if we did not know the darkness, and we could not see the brilliance of the stars if it were not for the dark of the night sky.


By the age of 25 years old I had become very, very ill.  I was consumed by physical and emotional pain and felt many times that I was going to drowned in my suffering. I had developed severe endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome


syndrome, dysmenorrhea, adrenal fatigue, liver and kidney taxation, chronic digestive upset and inflammation, pre-diabetes, chronic sinusitis, hypertension, high cholesterol, severe asthma, life-threatening allergies, and advanced bone degeneration throughout my entire body that caused constant, debilitating and chronic pain. The bottom curvature of my cervical spine had actually started to bend in the opposite direction, and on the image of an x-ray it looked like I was literally hanging myself.  Doctors were baffled by the complexities of my conditions, and many also told me that it was impossible to reverse this kind of spinal damage.  I was prescribed countless medications for these conditions that only caused more side effects to manage.  I was filled with incredible anger at myself, at others, at the world, and at God for giving me such a painful and difficult life.  I had lost all faith in my healing and recovery, and was completely lost in my own darkness. 

One day the pain in my body became so great that it brought me to my knees.  Medication was no longer working to manage my symptoms.  I knelt on the floor sobbing with my face in my hands, and I kept saying, “God please help me…”  I heard a strong, gentle and loving voice say to me, “If you are powerful enough to create this suffering, you are powerful enough to create the healing.”  In that moment, time literally stood still.  A deep, profound memory woke up in me, and I remembered who I really was and why I was here on this great Earth.  It was the single most powerful moment of my entire life, and it was also the greatest lesson I had ever learned.  The moment that I pulled myself back up off the floor was the moment when my personal healing journey began. I made a commitment to myself to become my own best friend instead of my worst enemy, and I made a decision to co-create my life with the Great Spirit in a way that was rooted in love, kindness, gentleness, forgiveness and in the heartfelt belief that I could turn my life around.  


And so it began.  I developed and nurtured sacred mind, sacred thought, sacred heart, sacred emotions, and a sacred body.  I created consistent spiritual practices that helped me to stay grounded in the forces of love and gratitude, and I developed a sacred relationship with myself.  I began to heal from the inside out, and I learned that the single most important relationship that we will ever have in this world is the one that we have with ourselves, and also the relationship that we have with God.  I learned Reiki, shamanic healing, and many other forms of energy healing that not only deepened my relationship with Spirit, they helped me to awaken to the great Light of life.  I understand now that that Light was always there with me, it was within me the whole time, but I had only turned a blind eye to it and had forgotten how to see it.  The healing of my physical body quickly followed my mental, emotional and spiritual transformations.  Within a year I was off of almost all medications, and had healed nearly all of the dis-ease that had plagued my physical body.  I repeated scans of my cervical spine a few years later and found that my spine had healed itself perfectly without any medical intervention, it was as if it had never even happened. 


My healing journey was not easy, but it has been the greatest teacher on my path and it has served as the catalyst and training ground for my life purpose.  I would not change any of the things that I have gone through because each of those experiences has made me the person that I am today. The journey of healing my own body, mind, emotions and spirit has made me a great helper, healer and teacher for others.  I can relate personally to the suffering of others, and have great empathy for the many difficult and challenging places that our path can sometimes take us.


Healing is a complicated journey that involves many, many different factors.  There is no one healing method or practice that works the same for each person; healing is not a one size fits all model.  The most important thing that my own healing journey has taught me is that we are all capable of incredible healing and miracles when we embrace the lessons of our experiences, and when we truly accept and believe in our own greatness.  Miracles are not only possible, they are our God-given birthright.  Our greatest transformation begins the moment that we remember that the Light and Love of the Creator is not something that is separate from us; it is the essence that lives in the Heart of each and every living thing on this sacred, blessed Earth.

Certifications & Trainings
  • Reiki Practitioner Levels I & II

  • Reiki Master Teacher 6th Degree

  • Reiki Phowa Practitioner

  • Reiki Phowa Master Teacher

  • Reiki for Companion Animals

  • Reiki for Kids Practitioner

  • Planetary Reiki Practitioner

  • Reiki Pillar of Light

  • Akashic Reiki Practitioner

  • Reiki for the Nervous System

  • Kundalini Reiki

  • Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner

  • Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

  • Experiencing the Shamanic Journey

  • Shamanic Journeying for Guidance & Healing

  • Gifts of the Grandmothers

  • Partnering with Spirit Allies

  • Shamanic Cosmology

  • Spirit & Soul: A View Into Shamanic Healing

  • Initiation: Creating Ceremony & Ritual

  • In the Healing Lodge of the Ancestors

  • Shamanic Extraction

  • Shamanic Psychopomp

  • Shamanic Soul Retrieval

  • Ayurvedic Head Massage

  • Tuning Fork Therapy

  • Crystal Healing

  • Healing with Essential Oils

  • Reflexology

  • Crystal Singing Bowls

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